Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why Hit Adjacent Ally Has Irregular Updates, and the Silence This Past Year

And all that gets me through it is my faith and my kids.
Hello folks.  I thought it was time to explain the at times sporadic updates to the blog, and about the long silence (for the most part) on the blog in the last year or so.  They are related.

Let's start with why there are irregular posting intervals.  I haven't had ready access to the internet, other than at work, since about the end of January last year.  At this point, I cannot afford internet access of my own.  The amount of child support that I pay is large, and my other financial obligations are fairly brutal as well, so I'm living in a cheap apartment in a run down (but really cool) old building, eating cheap food, and using paper and pen to write game material.  My computer also bit the dust back in December of 2012, after I cooked the board one too many times trying to eke a few more hours out of the thing.

Now, the Long Silence during 2012.  I went through a hard and nasty divorce.  I wound up living at my uncle's house (after a week-long stint in the psych ward since I couldn't deal with what was going on very well) with pretty much no possessions of my own except for my music and book collections for the better part of 2012.  All they had for internet was a tablet with a two-gig restriction on data.  Ever try typing on one of those things?  Not to mention surfing the internet is just out of the question with a data restriction like that.  And it isn't terribly easy to do it at work unless it's after hours or I get a long spell with not much happening (which is rare).  So, I've been quietly creating things offline for a long time.  Expect to see the fruits of that work here on HAA.

However, don't expect terribly regular posting habits until somehow I make enough money to pay for internet and a computer.  Just letting y'all know, that's all.  I've had one or two eyebrows raised at me in the last couple of months, with people guessing if the blog was going to be dark or not.  Rest assured I'll try not to let life silence me this year.  I've been using libraries, work, and the odd McDonald's to do updates, and will continue to do so until I'm in a better position.  But you know what?  It's liberating, in a way.  Not paying for cable and watching broadcast TV with an antenna instead, using only a prepaid cell phone for communication (no land line), walking short distances instead of driving - it all works out rather well.  I don't expect to change much of that any time soon, and I'm OK with it.  I've had to re-learn how to like myself after all the dust settled, and I've committed myself to living simply, without certain things people take for granted.  It's kind of nice, and I'm finding a kind of peace in it.

I suppose this could be considered more information than the blogosphere wants or needs, but it's totally worth telling those who read this blog why it's been silent until recently.  Keep up the work out there in OSR-land (I follow every OSR blog I find), and hail poverty!


  1. If I could reach out and give you a hug I would. Keep your chin up, things will get better.

    1. It's all right brother, we all have down spots in life, I've just been in it for a bit. I've just had to readjust. But I thought I owed the OSR an explanation, since I know of a few folks that like to steal my monsters and induce a TPK with them. I've had some folks asking, so I answered. Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it.