Monday, May 12, 2014

One line that makes a great gaming post...

I found the following here.  I found it amusing, as someone who has used Citadel washes.

"Additionally, the Citadel Washes taste horrible. If you are a brush licker these will make you think twice."

I can't vouch for the taste, but the Citadel washes are gross-smelling, so I didn't think they would taste good.  I've been working feverishly at painting miniatures lately, including four of the old WEG Star Wars minis for my best friend.  I've gone from passable to above average at the hobby, but when I see some guys' Warhammer armies it still makes me want to toss my brush in File 13.  Yeah, I don't have a camera of any sort, so you don't get any pictures to see.

One thing I have come to really notice - and this is a subject that is old hat on the interwebs - lots of the prepainted stuff out there is terrible.  I will be stripping and repainting many, if it's a mold I like.

Note:  my favorite line to paint?  Reaper.  The Bones stuff lacks a bit of the detail, but it's not terrible, and assembly time with the Bones material and a good CA glue is immediate!  Still a fan of the metal, though.  You can beat the heft of metal minis, especially old Grenadier lead minis! And Citadel paints for the win.

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