Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wizards, Please Reprint This

Dear cool guys at WOTC, 

I see you're reprinting old books.  I like the 1E reprints and the idea behind it.  And it's cool that 3.5E is getting reprinted.  But, please, please, PLEASE, can we reprint the Rules Cyclopedia?  Seriously, TSR never put out a better product than this, and I think it would go great on the shelf next to the new copies of the 1E books I'll be buying. 

Dear OSR guys that love old games,

Go to the WOTC site and take their survey in the article announcing the 3.5E reprints.  It asks what you want to see reprinted from that edition.  It does contain the answer that says "Nothing."  However, the comment section afterward - let's have a write-in campaign for the RC.  I've already done it.  Let's do it, if only because it would be awesome not to have to pay $100.00 on eBay if my copy is destroyed...

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