Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monster Mania

Hordes of monsters!!!
So one of the things I'm doing to prepare for eventually running a Pathfinder game is something I've wanted to do for years, and that's collect all my Pathfinder and compatible monsters, print them out, and collect them into binders.  PF makes this easier, as long as whoever has developed the supplement keeps it to one monster per page, as the main PF books do.  This has led me to print massive stacks of monsters, and collating them is taking a long time, and I'm now 11 binders into the project (read that as "thousands of monster entries"), and when I get everything finally done, it will probably be about 20 binders (we're talking approximately 4" d-ring, so just imagine how many thousands of monsters that really is).  It's a really satisfying thing to do.  Everything is alphabetized as much as possible, and everything is neat.  There's a certain perverse lust in my heart for monsters, as this blog will attest, and it's obvious in my own creations here on the site.  Sometime, when I get an actual camera, I'll have to post a picture of what I've done. 

How do you feel about having a zillion monsters for your games?  For me, it's less that I'll use them, and more the wonder of collecting new and interesting things that spark the imagination. 


  1. Great blog BTW,

    Do you by chance have any good resources for said monsters entries or are you pulling them from various .pdf files you own?

    Thanks in advance

    1. I'm pulling them from various PDF files I own, so long as they are full-page entries. So I miss a few, but the binders have climbed to number 15 now, so I don't mind missing a few!