Friday, March 7, 2014

New Monster: Ectoplasmic Interloper

Note that this monster makes heavy use of my Conditions house rules for S&W.


Hit Dice: 6+6
Armor Class: 16
Attacks:  4 pseudopod slams (1d8 + ectoplasm sickness)
Saving Throw:  11
Special:  Immune to open-ended damage, ectoplasm sickness, blindsense 240', insane telepathy, alien mind, entangle, engulf
Movement: 6
Size: L
Challenge Level/XP:  14/2600

Ectoplasmic Interlopers are creatures spawned in another dimension, likely brought to the world of Antediluvia by black magic or long forgotten science.  They appear as formless, ever-shifting blobs of slime, sickly iridescent in color, and almost translucent.

In combat, they lash out with pseudopods that seem to be almost self-guided, especially considering that these beings have no eyes or sensory organs in any standard sense.  They can sense all around them in a 240' radius, even if the area or creatures in the area have been magically silenced or made invisible.  Ectoplasmic interlopers cannot be backstabbed or flanked or knocked down, and are immune to any magic that affects or controls the mind or emotions, including fear effects.  They are also immune to open-ended damage, and damage against them is limited to the result on the initial roll.  Anyone within 240' of an interloper must save or be affected by the alien telepathic powers of the creature, causing the victim to be confused for 1d4 rounds.

If an ectoplasmic interloper hits with a pseudopod, the target must make a saving throw or be affected by ectoplasm sickness, becoming sickened for 1d6 rounds.  A creature can only be sickened in this fashion once per combat.  If a victim is hit by two pseudopods in the same round, he becomes entangled until he makes a successful saving throw, which will release him (however, he may take no other actions in the round he frees himself).  

If the ectoplasmic interloper entangles a character, it may attempt to engulf him.  Ectoplasmic interlopers may engulf size M or smaller targets by drawing entangled creatures into its gelatinous ectoplasmic body.  It can do this the round after it has entangled a target, and characters within the body of the interloper take 1d6 points of damage per round.  A successful saving throw will free the character.

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