Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And now I'm re-thinking the No XP house rule.

Because of this.  An old Rients post has almost changed my mind.


  1. Yeah, I do like that idea. I think it could be implemented in several ways. A large award for a specific site, the end of a dungeon level or achieving some goal in a certain place, like a pilgrimage trek for a cleric or paladin, finding some spell ingredient for a MU or finding the village of a lost elf tribe or whatever or a PC's long lost sister or whatever. Exploration can take many forms. I think an arbitrary #XP award per hex would work okay in a sandbox campaign too, a la Rolemaster, with maybe a stipulation for it being previously unexplored or specifically hazardous (mapping the badlands).

  2. I think that's killer idea. I've never been a huge fan of XP handed out for treasure looted or monsters killed. The closest I would got o that is for plot specific artifacts retrieved and peril encountered, but without tracking the hit points/gold value of what's been done.

    City based adventures would be fun to take a look at with the exploration idea...