Monday, April 14, 2014

New Monster: Sapphire Guardian of Kanaan


Hit Dice: 5 (30 hp)
Armor Class: 17
Attacks:  1 sapphire longsword (1d12+3)
Saving Throw:  12
Special:  Magic Resistance 75%, immune to fear effects and mind-affecting spells, blue gaze, deadly quickness (+1 to initiative rolls), cannot be disarmed
Movement:  12
Size:  M
Challenge Level/XP:  7/600

The Sapphire Guardians of Kanaan are a group of magical constructs created by the Founders, who settled Mirkania and built the city of Kanaan, and whose actual identities are lost to time.  Fortunately, the secret of the creation of the Sapphire Guardians has been handed down through the priestly caste of the city, and they are created and repaired on a regular basis.  This method is regarded as a holy secret, and people have died to protect it.

The Sapphire Guardians are made completely of a deep blue sapphire, mined from the surrounding land.  They are fashioned to appear in garb typical of Mirkania at the time of their construction.  Some of the oldest Guardians are centuries old, becoming a sort of window to the customs of past eras in the city, and for this reason some are deployed in festivals and in tutoring the noble caste.

As a rule, the Guardians are used as the police force of Kanaan.  Their priestly overseers command them in each and every task, but once commanded they function autonomously.  They can speak to impart knowledge to their commanding priest, but their voices sound as if they submerged in deep water - an eerie sound, to be sure.  Some Sapphire Guardians are promoted and assigned to the command of an entire unit of other Guardians, given the ability to command for themselves by the assigned priest.  Sapphire Guardians who have this ability never misuse it or disobey, for to do so means sure destruction.  Commanding Guardians want to keep "living," programmed to have this desire by the priests.

Every 1d4 rounds, a Sapphire Guardian can emit a blue ray from its eyes, affecting a single target at ranges of up to 30 feet.  If the target fails a saving throw, it is paralyzed for 1d6 minutes.  If destroyed, a Guardian becomes a fine blue powder - beautiful, but of no value.

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