Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Monster: Voorian Mind-demons

Voorian Mind-demons

Hit Dice: 12+12
Armor Class: 17
Attacks: 1 sorcerous blast (4d4 + possible knockdown)
Saving Throw: 3
Special:  Immune to mind-affecting magic, immune to sleep magic, spells, sense presence, knockdown
Movement: 9
CL/XP: 15/2900

Only three such beings exist at any one time in the Necropolis of Voor.  They appear as robed figures with strange features, but unlike most undead, they are highly intelligent and were formerly leaders in their mortal lives.  If one of the mind-demons is slain,  the Necropolis itself will seek out a replacement from the remains within the Necropolis, and the sorcery responsible for the mountain's semi-sentience will animate and empower the appropriate corpse.  This process takes 3d6 days.

In combat, Voorian mind-demons have a few options.  Their main attack is a blast of invisible, sorcerous force that may be conjured at will as a normal attack, at melee range and at missile range up to 30 feet.  If struck, a target must make a saving throw or be knocked prone by the force of the blast, in addition to taking damage.  Mind-demons may also use spells as a 6th-level wizard.

Perhaps the most unsettling of the mind-demons' abilities is their ability to locate intruders in the Necropolis.  They can execute this location with alarming accuracy, to within 300 feet of the interloper.  An intruder is classified as any individual that the Necropolis does not want to permit access.

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