Thursday, March 21, 2024

Antediluvia: The City-Repository of Xaccur (Overview)

(I haven't placed this anywhere on the map yet - I'll have to find a quite excellent place to stick it. This settlement keeps with the theme of books in the campaign being very important.)

    The small city of Xaccur is a city where knowledge is the only commodity and secrets or rare books can make a person rich. Every powerful figure in the city has a coveted and rare collection of scrolls, books, tomes, librams, codices, and tablets (and other, even more obscure items that store information in some way, including ancient or even future technology). They all employ teams of learned people and teams of vagabonds and thieves (and occasionally these folks are the same) to locate and acquire, by any means, items of rarity and worth. Secrets and intrigue are also quite valuable to any lord of the city, as well as new magic.
    Governmentally, Xaccur is a loose confederation of the most powerful people in the city, who usually govern by consensus, but all decisions are driven by each member's motivations and goals rather than fair governance. The city guard, sarcastically called Librarians by the common citizen, keep a form of order, but that order is often brutal and unjust, and enforcement tends to be at the whim of the head of the guard, or to further the ends of one of the leaders in the city. A position on the guard in Xaccur is a license to steal - and worse.

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