Friday, October 5, 2012

Monstrous Friday? No, A Real Life Monster (sort of...)

Look at the picture.  Cute, right?  That's what we thought when we bought two of these little guys.  They are amazing fun to watch run on their wheel and tunnel.  Plus, they get up around dusk, so my girls can actually watch their hamsters play.  We've had them for a while, and we like them.  They're not as awesome as our black bear hamster or guinea pigs, but they're pretty cool and they're fun creatures to care for.

Until this morning.

We awoke as normal, and after I had dressed, my daughter came down to the basement and asked me "Dad, why is there fluff in the hamster cage?"

Well, it turns out the more aggressive of the little guys ATE HIS CAGEMATE.  ATE him.  ALL of him.  There was just fur and leg bones.  Now, he appears to be getting very, very sick and is incredibly agitated, so he's probably going to die, too.  As much as I hate to say it, because I really like the little guy, it serves him right.  Freakin' cannibal.

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