Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Witch - A Plug and A New Monster

Over at The Other Side, Tim is having a little contest.  Go here to read about it.  While you're there, make sure you check out the preview of his book The Witch (for Basic era games).  I thought his contest was not only a cool idea, but the notion of cross-trafficking that bloghop with his own Monstrous Monday bloghop was pretty novel.  I decided to take that novelty a step further and enter his contest along with bringing you a brand new monster that fits the concept and the season.  And yes, this one totally violates Wheaton's law, or so my players will say.  I am indeed a fan of Tucker's kobolds, just so you know.  Hey, they get multiple saves before they die... 

White Creeper, the Witch of the Wood

Hit Dice: 10
Armor Class: 18
Attacks:  2 claws (1d4), 1 bite (1d6) or possess
Saving Throw:  5
Special: Possession, move silently 99%
Movement: 12, Fly 18
Challenge Level/XP:  13/2300
White Creeper, or as the locals have named her,  the Witch of the Wood, dwells within the Wood of the Black Goat near the land of Naat, just south of the mountains named the Mortalwall.  She is called a witch, but is really a demon who has made this forest her home, and is largely responsible for the sinister reputation it has gained (of course, the Necromancers of Naat are also partially to blame for this).  She is nearly silent while moving, but is rather easy to see in the darkness of the woods, especially at night, because she is completely white in color.  She flies with great ease, and is well-known for swooping down upon travelers, sometimes simply harassing them, other times demanding a toll for passage, and occasionally killing everyone and everything in the traveling group.

Her specialty, however, is demonic possession.  Five times per day, she can attempt to possess a mortal, and the victim must attempt a saving throw.  Success means that White Creeper is stunned for 1 round.  Failure means that the victim is now possessed by the witch, and she immediately becomes no more but a wisp of cloudy smoke, and enters the eyes, ears, and nose of her victim in this form.  She cannot control the body of the character possessed, but is in constant telepathic communication with the mind of the victim, and begins to wear down any mental defenses against her, sending visions, voices, and her demonic laughter to torment the character - and only the possessed individual can hear her.  
Each day, she can choose to harass the character viciously, dealing 1d6 points of Wisdom damage.  If a victim's Wisdom reaches 0, the witch gains complete control of the body and persona of the character.  His soul is sent off to unknown hells, or perhaps the Outer Dark, to eternal unrest (or so she says - either way, the character is now under the control of White Creeper, utterly and totally, and is for all intents and purposes dead).  When the witch is in full control, treat that character as her new mortal form, and all special attacks and other abilities the character previously possessed are at her disposal.  She can also cause the fully controlled character to fly at her rate of speed listed above, but is otherwise limited to the abilities and stamina of the body she possesses.  Consider the character to be essentially dead, animated only by the demon inside its corpse.  If she leaves the body, it will not be alive, and there is no way to raise the character to life once more.

At the beginning of each day, the possessed character is granted an additional saving throw with a penalty equal to the total amount of days that he has been possessed.  Success means the demon is expelled from the body and mind of the character.  Failure means he is still possessed.  Killing the victim of the possession will also force White Creeper out of the character's body, and she will flee or fight as the situation dictates.  Often, she simply tries to possess another character.


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