Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hit Adjacent Ally Monster Round-up (So Far)

This is the sort of weirdness in regards to magic that I try to portray to my players.  Unrelated content to post, I know, but a side note worth noting.  Magic should be utterly strange when dealing with old-style sword & sorcery and sword & planet settings.  As much as I've enjoyed the high fantasy approach over the years in other campaigns, weirdness is my preference.

I thought it would be useful to round up the posts in which I created or converted monsters for my game, to help those of you who may be looking for some inspiration in this regard.  Plus, I want to collect them into my GM campaign document, and felt like getting all the links into one place.  I love lists, and sometimes looking at lists of my own stuff helps me to focus on new creations.


Quick Note:  My monsters will make use of my house rules.  Most often referred to will be Conditions, which I converted to S&W from Pathfinder, and put out Condition Cards for you in the blogosphere to have a look at (see link in the right bar).  Also, very few spells will match their standard counterparts in S&W as far as names go - for instance, curse of chaos and disorder is confusion.  I just like how it sounds better.  Plus, it makes use of conditions - so substitute in your own stuff if you feel like it.  All the artwork in the posts  is "found art" on the internet, so if it winds up being owned by you and you don't like it being here, just say so and I'll take it down.  These are pictures that inspired me, and they're used out of respect.  No infringement intended.

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