Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Monster: Spiderborn


Hit Dice:  4+4
Armor Class:  14
Attacks:  1 bite (2d4 + poison), 4 claws (1d4 each), or 2 weapons (1d6 + weapon dmg modifier)
Saving Throw:  13
Special:  Poison (save or 2d6 damage plus paralysis for 1d6 turns), call spiders, shapechange, immune to poison
Move:  12, Climb 9
Challenge Level/XP:  10/1400

The spiderborn are the degenerate descendants of humans who hid from pursuers in the tunnels below the mountain called Spiderspire and encountered there what was to become their living god - The Spider.

Spiderborn have poisonous fangs that they can use during combat to great effect, causing paralysis.  They also have the ability to call nearby spiders.  Three times per day, a spiderborn can call 1d6 giant (smaller) spiders, 1d4 giant (man-sized) spiders, or 1d2 giant (greater) spiders.  The GM may substitute spider swarms, scorpion swarms, or giant scorpions if he wishes.  The spiderborn can also shapechange at will per the spell alteration of physical form.  They cannot be harmed by poison.

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