Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Monster: Leng Spider

Leng Spider

Hit Dice:  15
Armor Class:  22
Attacks:  1 bite (2d6 + poison) or 1 web (special)
Saving Throw:  3
Special:  Fast healing 5 hp/round, poison, web, immunity to effects causing confusion or insanity, immunity to poison, magic resistance 50%
Movement:  12, Climb 12
Challenge Level/XP:  22/4500

The Leng spiders dwell on the Plateau of Leng, along with the only slightly less monstrous denizens of Leng.  However, the spiders and the denizens of  Leng have long been at war with each other, and they are vicious predators that desire nothing but utmost power, and they are determined to have it.  That desire for power is not confined to the Plateau.  They construct lairs made of webs and found objects, and these lairs would be considered works of art for their beauty if it were not for the purpose of their design - to trap and hold all who enter.  They are 18 feet long and weigh 6,000 pounds.  They never have an even number of legs - the most common number of legs is 7 or 9.

Leng spiders heal quickly, at the rate of 5 hit points per round.  They are very hard to kill, which makes them all the more dangerous.  Once reduced to 0 hit points, they cannot heal themselves back to life, but if they have positive hit points, the ability is constantly in effect.

The bite of the Leng spider is highly venomous, and if bitten, a victim must save or die in 1d10 rounds.  During the time that the character is poisoned and dying, he acts as if under the effects of a curse of chaos and disorder.  If the saving throw is successful, only the curse of chaos and disorder effect is inflicted, and only for 1d6 rounds.  The horrific hallucinations experienced by those under the effects of the poison are indescribable, and survivors block these images and sounds from their memories forever after they recover.

Leng spiders may also shoot webs from their abdomen to ensnare prey.  This requires a saving throw to avoid.  If the saving throw fails, the character is ensnared and the spider can reel in the victim at a rate of 30 feet per round.  Treat ensnared characters as having the entangled condition.  Characters must make a Strength check at a -3 penalty to break free from the sticky strand.

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