Sunday, July 22, 2012

New "Monster": Monkey Swarm

Monkey Swarm

Hit Dice:  3
Armor Class:  13
Attacks:  1 swarm (2d6 + distraction)
Saving Throw:  14
Special:  Distraction, half damage from slashing/piercing weapons, automatic damage, cannot be flanked
Movement:  9, Climb 12
Challenge Level/XP:  5/240

In the teeming jungles of the south, fearless adventurers brave worse things than angry simians trying to defend their territory.  However, when a horde of monkeys gathers as one to defend themselves or to seek food, they can become a terrifying force to behold, ripping and tearing at their foes in order to devour them.

A monkey swarm must move into an opponent's space to attack them, but they deal automatic damage without need for an attack roll.  When a monkey swarm damages an opponent, they are distracted unless they make a successful saving throw.  If the save is failed, a character is considered nauseated and suffers a -1 to all attacks, damage, saving throws, and ability checks for 1 round from the distraction.  A monkey swarm cannot be flanked or backstabbed, and it suffers only half damage from slashing and piercing weapons.

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