Sunday, July 15, 2012

S&W Condition Cards

My last post led me to a revelation - it would be nice to have condition cards to pass out to players when they gain one of the conditions listed in that post.  So, I spent some time with Open Office and created a nifty PDF from someone's 3x5 recipe card template.  I left off the Surprised condition since it's only ever a 1-round ordeal for whoever is surprised.  That can be done easily on the fly.  For all the other conditions, I present you with the file link below, and I dressed it up with some barbarian silhouettes for real Sword & Sorcery feel.  It's on Google Docs.  Have fun if you decide to use them.


  1. I know it might be a bit more paper expense heavy, but have you thought about doing them on a folded bit of light weight card? So they can stand up in front of the character as a reminder to the GM too. It's just a thought though.

  2. It's an idea - maybe I'll eventually reformat.