Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Monster: Ape of Tuzun Thune

Ape of Tuzun Thune

Hit Dice:  4+4
Armor Class:  13
Attacks:  2 claws (1d6), 1 bite (2d6)
Saving Throw:  12
Special:  Rend for 2d8 damage if attack roll is 18+, muttering, camouflage
Move:  12, Climb 9
Challenge Level/XP:  6/400

The apes of Tuzun Thune are a vicious breed.  They dwell all over the sides of the great mountain of Tuzun Thune and in the deep caves with which it is honeycombed.  They inspire fear in all who know of them, for they are not entirely natural creatures.  There is a malevolence within them that is evident to all who have seen them in the flesh.  Their eyes glow green at night, as if a strange fire burns behind them.  Their fur is mottled black and brown, providing them with an element of camouflage in the wild.  They kill for pleasure as well as for food, and commonly make meals of the Phalechites nearby, even carrying off their women for purposes unknown (although it is surely nothing pleasant).

If an ape hits with a natural roll of 18 or higher on its attack roll, it automatically rends and mauls its opponent for an additional 2d8 damage - a saving throw is allowed for half damage from this attack.  Also, when three or more apes are present at once, they begin to make strange and eerie muttering sounds that seem to invade the psyche of the listener, the sound coming from both the mouths of the apes and also from within the very mind of the victim.  This has an incredibly unsettling effect even on hardened warriors, and victims who hear this muttering must make a saving throw or be affected as by a curse of fear spell.  If there are six or more apes muttering at once, the saving throw is made at a penalty.  This penalty is -1 for every additional three apes present, rounding down.  Thus, a group of 6 apes would garner a -1 penalty to the victim's saving throw, and a group of 11 would inflict a -2 penalty.  -4 is the highest penalty that can be accumulated - the mutterings of 15 apes are just as overwhelming as 100.  Also, the mottled fur of the ape provides natural camouflage.  In a setting in which it would apply (such as in the forest or in dark caves), they impose a -1 penalty on opponents' surprise rolls.

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