Sunday, July 22, 2012

New "Monster": Thuggi Cultist

Thuggi Cultist

Hit Dice:  2
Armor Class:  12
Attacks:  1 weapon (1d6 + weapon dmg modifier)
Saving Throw:  16
Special:  Backstab (x2), strangulation, hide in shadows 55%, move silently 35%
Move:  12
Challenge Level/XP:  4/120

The Cult of Thuggi is a pervasive threat to the Empire of Karthage.  It is a cult of assassins, thieves, and cutpurses who worship a god whose identity is kept secret to all but those initiated into the cult.  Members of the cult have been kidnapping and holding for ransom high-ranking members of the Karthaginian aristocracy with increasing frequency, and often the victims end up slain even if the ransom is paid - the bloody god of the Thuggi demands ritual sacrifice as part of its worship, and the cult will not deny their god.  They are fanatical in their belief, and have been known to slay opposing religious leaders as part of their initiation.  They are especially opposed to the Nameless God of the Megiddians, as the Nameless God is the sole symbol of purity and hope in the bleak world of Antediluvia.

The Thuggi are adept at sneaking up behind their targets in silence and strangling them to death.  As this is part of their training in the cult, these abilities seem to be supernaturally bestowed upon them.  A successful backstab attempt also allows them to initiate their strangulation ability automatically, as if they had won a grapple.  During strangulation, victims take 1d4 points of Constitution damage per round.  If the victim's Constitution reaches 0, he dies, windpipe crushed.  Breaking free of this requires winning a grappling contest (see house rule on Grappling), but the Thuggi gets a +2 bonus to their roll due to the supernatural adeptness of their ability to kill in this way.

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