Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Monster: Fetchling


Hit Dice:  1+1
Armor Class:  14
Attacks:  1 weapon (1d6 + weapon dmg modifier)
Saving Throw:  16
Special:  Shadow blending, hide in shadows 95%, disguised by shadow, backstab (2x damage)
Movement:  12
Challenge Level/XP:  4/120

These strange humanoid creatures make their homes in the ruins of the world, finding their territories in out of the way places where they will not be bothered by humanity.  However, when humans encroach upon their dwellings, they stop at nothing to remove that threat.  They hate human life, and will eradicate interlopers without mercy.  They are beings of darkness and evil, fully corrupted long ago by the denizens of Voor, who had enslaved them.  They broke free of their captors with the demize of the Voori civilization, but had endured centuries of torment and degradation at their hands.  Now they seek to live in isolation amongst themselves.

The fetchling's shadow blending ability makes attacks against them made in dim light or darker have a 50% miss chance rather than the normal 20%.  This ability does not confer total concealment, it simply increases the chance of missing the creature, as it blends with the shadows and makes them do the fetchling's bidding, assisting them in moving weapons away from them - the shadows visibly shift around them in dim light.  A fetchling can also disguise itself with shadowstuff in such a way as to assume the form of any humanoid creature it desires for 1 day.  They are also natural assassins, and can backstab and hide in shadows with expertise.

Note:  Converted from Pathfinder.

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