Wednesday, July 11, 2012

House Rule: Ability Scores & Modifiers

Here's one of my house rules for ability scores and modifiers.

"The Swords & Wizardry system is much less cohesive than rules systems based on later design, and it follows set patterns less often.  Thus, the bonus structure from BECMI has been adapted.

Modifiers are applied as follows:
  • Strength:  Melee attack rolls and Str-based saving throws.
  • Dexterity:  Missile weapon attack rolls, thrown weapon attack rolls, AC, Dex-based saving throws, and initiative.
  • Constitution:  Hit point rolls and Con-based saving throws.
  • Intelligence:  Int-based saving throws.
  • Wisdom:  Wis-based saving throws.
  • Charisma:  NPC reaction rolls and Cha-based saving throws.
Other things affected by ability scores are unchanged from the S&W Complete rules, except for dealing damage in combat (which will be detailed later) and the effect of Intelligence or Wisdom on spellcasting and learning spells, also to be detailed later."

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