Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Monster: Denizen of Leng

Denizen of Leng

Hit Dice:  10
Armor Class:  16
Attacks:  2 claws (1d4 + 1d4 Dex damage), 1 bite (1d6 + 1d4 Dex damage)
Saving Throw:  5
Special:  Sneak attack, move silently 80%, hide in shadows 75%, Dexterity damage, spell-like abilities, fast healing 3 hp/round, connection to Leng
Move:  12
Challenge Level/XP:  15/2000

The denizens of Leng are the inhabitants of the mysterious Plateau of Leng.  These eerie folk pass for human at a distance, being disguised in loose-fitting robes and wrapping their hands and faces with strips of white cloth.  What these clothes and wrappings hide are horned brows, vicious claws, tentacled mouths, and goat-like legs that end in cloven hooves.  They often abduct humans from the settlements closest to Leng, consisting mainly of the Kombolo people, who live in the jungles that surround the plateau.  What is done with the humans they abduct no one can guess, but rumors abound of sacrifices to unknown gods, torture, and for the luckiest, never-ending slavery.

When a denizen of Leng hits with its horrid and otherworldly claws or bite, it deals 1d4 points of Dexterity damage in addition to the regular damage listed if a saving throw is failed.  A victim whose Dexterity is reduced suffers penalties according to his reduced score (including diminished AC bonus and possible penalties to any roll that would require Dexterity to modify it).  If a victim's Dexterity reaches 0, he is completely paralyzed until he recovers.  Treat a Dexterity of 1 or 2 as if it was a 3.  Dexterity points lost through this attack are regained at the rate of 1d6 per day.

Denizens of Leng will regain any lost hit points at the rate of 3 per round, up to their maximum.  This is due to their completely unnatural nature, and their psychic power over their own physical forms.  This ability only functions if they are away from the Plateau of Leng, traveling the world beyond.  They have a deep connection with the Plateau, and it is quite impossible to kill them unless they are encountered on the Plateau itself.  A "slain" denizen of Leng that is defeated at a location other than the Plateau dissolves into nothingness in 1d4 rounds, leaving behind only clothing and equipment.  It then reforms on the Plateau of Leng in a location determined by the GM.  It can only be truly killed when its fast healing ability is not functioning (which is when it is on the Plateau, or if the ability is somehow negated).

Denizens of Leng also have a few select spell-like abilities at their disposal, including psychic expansion of consciousness at will, bodily levitation 3/day, and spell of discovery and location 1/day.

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