Thursday, July 12, 2012

House Rule: Hit Points

One of my rules for damage is going to mean characters will necessarily need to have more hit points to last a minute in the game world.  I'm not a Killer DM by any means, and I like continuity, so I felt it necessary to adapt the rule below in order to keep things up.  When I post my damage rules, you will know why I have done such a thing.  (What about the monsters you say?  Well, monsters are not heroes, plain and simple.  Some are there to get a hit or two in before the PCs stick them to death, and that's all.  They get no extra hit points.  But they can do craploads of damage, as you'll see in a future post.)

"To reflect the heroic nature of the sword and sorcery genre, 1st-level characters receive twice the maximum amount of hit points indicated for their hit die type at first level plus 5 (modified by Con bonus as appropriate).  Hit points are rolled for normally after 1st level."

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