Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Monster: Devourer of Aktenshepset

Devourer of Aktenshepset

Hit Dice:  4+4
Armor Class:  14
Attacks:  1 bite (2d4) or 1 weapon (1d10 + weapon dmg modifier)
Saving Throw:  13
Special:  Magic resistance 10%, ritually devour
Move:  9
Challenge Level/XP:  6/400

The devourers of Aktenshepset are evil servitors of the foul god worshipped in the city of the same name.  They are eaters of men, and they gain power from their ritually sacrificed victims.  Physically, they are hunched, powerful-looking creatures with jackal- or hyena-like features of the legs and face, and are often clothed in ceremonial robes or wrappings.

The devourers have a peculiar ability to draw strength from victims during ritual sacrifice, or even on the battlefield if they dedicate their slain foes to their dark god.  If a devourer of Aktenshepset kills a sacrificial victim during a ritual, or performs a dedicatory ritual during combat after slaying a foe, and then devours, in whole or in part, the creature slain, it gains hit points equal to the Hit Dice of the victim, and a +1 damage bonus in addition to any other bonuses it may have.    It can perform these rituals up to 3 times per day with no upper limit on how many hit points it can gain.  Hit points gained past its maximum are kept until the next day.  The maximum bonus to damage that a devourer can gain is +3 in regards to sacrifices.  It takes 1d6 minutes to properly sacrifice and devour an offering.

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