Friday, July 20, 2012

Paper Minis

I love miniatures.  All kinds of miniatures.  That's why I added rules like flanking into the S&W/0E rules set.  One thing I've always struggled with is finding the right mini for the job - sometimes it's not viable to go out and buy every mini I need - I'd be way broker than I am right now, and I'm broke, brothers and sisters.  One thing I stumbled on was a site for paper minis the other day -  The things some of those guys are doing with 2D paper minis are amazing, and some of them look incredible.  It's got me inspired to do all sorts of papercrafting once my financial situation allows it (right now it allows food, electric, TV/Internet, and housing).


  1. Yeah that's pretty cool. I ten not to use them personal choice, but not just because I'm as poor as a very poor thing. If I was going to go that way though, I can' think of a better way to do it. Reminds me of war game I picked up years ago and only played the once called 'Fairy Meat'.

    Life size fairy paper minis, so scenery was just what you could find, as it was all to the right scale. the idea of it made me smile, but never got into the game much after the initial cool idea.

    1. I just have a soft spot for them, really. Ever since using, back in the Rules Cyclopedia era, all the foldup monsters from the Goblins Lair and Haunted Tower box sets. Those were great. And the fact that I can make paper minis myself and have fun doing it and use any artwork I want (let me tell you, I have the art files from the Pathfinder bestiary - I LOVE THE INTERNET - and they, in most cases, are going to be AWESOME paper minis!).