Saturday, July 21, 2012

New "Monster": Kanaima Tribesman

Kanaima Tribesman

Hit Dice:  1
Armor Class:  12
Attacks:  1 weapon (1d6 + weapon dmg modifier)
Saving Throw:  17
Special:  Tracking
Move:  12
Challenge Level/XP:  1/15

The Kanaima are a tribe of nomads of dark skin tone who dwell along the northern coasts of the Konga region. Their territory encompasses the southern coastline along the Elbows of Inthal, as far west as the River of Dreams and as far east as the Blood of Sebkhedis.  They keep animals on the coastal plains, and hunt in the jungles within their territory.  Their typical dress includes a turban or similar headdress, a light shirt or no shirt, and leather leggings.  They are known for hardiness, brutality, honesty, and fierceness.

The Kanaima are renowned for their tracking skills, and can track quarry with a base 75% accuracy, modified for situation at the GM's discretion.  This has earned them the name "the Hounds of Konga," which they are quite proud to own, and are sought far and wide by nobles who wish to find their enemies or allies in the wild.

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