Monday, October 1, 2012

Monstrous Monday Late Post: 2 New Monsters


Hit Dice:  1+1
Armor Class:  12
Attacks:  1 weapon (1d8 + weapon modifier)
Saving Throw: 17
Special: Piercing wail, steal life force
Movement:  12
Challenge Level/XP:  4/120
On the Red Moon of Nibiru that floats through the night sky of Antediluvia dwell a race of beings referred to as the banshee-raiders, named for their horrible, piercing wails and proclivity for looting settlements.  There are many things to fear on the moon of Nibiru, but the banshee-raiders are far up the list.  Their heads and faces are bat-like, their arms gangly but heavily muscled, an their unholy nature is quite obvious upon casual observation.  They dwell in the deserts and harsh places of Nibiru, ever wandering, conquering as they move from ruin to ruin.
They can emit a piercing wail (3 in 6 chance per round) that will deafen characters in a 30 foot radius, with no saving throw permitted.  This is, however, a secondary effect of the wail.  The primary effect, which receives a saving throw, is to drain the life force of the victim.  Each banshee-raider may choose a single opponent within 30 feet on which to focus this effect (for they may only drain one life at a time).  A failed save will result in the victim of the wail taking 1d4 points of temporary Con damage (resulting in appropriate hit point loss if it reduces a bonus or incurs a penalty).  For each point of Con damage, the banshee-raider gains 1d4 hit points and a +1 to attack - the maximum they may attain is an extra 5d4 hit points and a +5 to attack in any single day, and this only lasts for 12 hours.  Once a victim of the wail is affected in this way, he may not be affected by the wail of any banshee-raider for 24 hours, with the exception of the deafness effect - this can occur again as soon as the condition is expired or lifted.


Hit Dice:  10 (60 hit points)
Armor Class:  17
Attacks:  2 slams (1d10 each) or 1 weapon (2d8 + weapon modifier)
Saving Throw:  5
Special:  Magic resistance 80%, takes 1/4 damage from non-magical piercing weapons, takes 1/2 damage from non-magical slashing weapons
Movement:  9
Challenge Level/XP:  13/2300
The clockwork devils of Taltun are automatons imbued with an infernal spirit, tasked with the protection of the Sage-City's secret places, such as the entrances to the homes of the Sages, the secret ways into and out of the city, and other such sensitive areas.  They are free-thinking but bound to serve the Sages loyally, and will never falter or fail to obey.  In pursuit of a foe, they never tire and never relent.  
Magic has little effect on them, and indeed, they were constructed in this manner, for the most common spies in the city of Taltun are renegade sorcerers who are searching for ancient spells and fantastic devices.  They are scarcely harmed by piercing weapons, due to the numerous empty spaces inside of them, and slashing attacks do little to their outer metal shells.  They fear only magical weapons and the Sages themselves, for they alone hold the secret to their unbinding, after which their animating spirits will be sent back to the torments they were saved from while inhabiting the clockwork devil.  If a clockwork devil is destroyed, the soul is sent back to Hell, and will attempt to curse the character who destroyed his metal shell before he departs.  There is a 2 in 6 chance the curse will take effect, and  it is similar to a curse of the evil eye spell imparted by a 12th-level wizard, inflicting a -5 penalty on all rolls the character makes.  The curse will last 1d6 days, instead of the 1 hour indicated by the spell, unless lifted.

Quick Note:  My monsters will make use of my house rules.  Most often referred to will be Conditions, which I converted to S&W from Pathfinder, and put out Condition Cards for you in the blogosphere to have a look at (see link in the right bar).  Also, very few spells will match their standard counterparts in S&W as far as names go - for instance, curse of chaos and disorder is confusion.  I just like how it sounds better.  Plus, it makes use of conditions - so substitute in your own stuff if you feel like it.  All the artwork above is "found art" on the internet, so if it winds up being owned by you and you don't like it being here, just say so and I'll take it down.  These are pictures that inspired me, and they're used out of respect.  No infringement intended.


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    1. I liked the idea when it popped into my head, and I found that picture of a late 3E monster to use (I think it was called a vril, but I only liked the picture). I thought of a more pulp-y use for it.

  2. Maybe late (not really) but these are very cool. I really dig that clockwork devil.

    1. Thanks Tim! The city those guys guard, Taltun, will eventually be detailed here. It's located within a ring of mountains, of which there is only one obvious way in, through the Fell Pass, which is guarded by all sorts of nasties. It's run by the Sages, who are reclusive sorcerers that hoard knowledge. The entire city is taken care of by golems and automatons and mercenaries.