Monday, October 8, 2012

Monstrous Monday: Vomiting Spirit of Voor


Hit Dice:  3
Armor Class:  14
Attacks:  2 slams (1d6) or 1 vomit (special)
Saving Throw: 14
Special: Ectoplasmic vomit, half damage from blunt/piercing weapons, change shape, immune to mind-affecting/charm/sleep-inducing spells and effects
Movement:  9
Challenge Level/XP:  6/400

Many creatures unknown to the surface world are found in the depths of the Necropolis of Voor, but amongst the most insidious are the undead abominations that make their home there.  Spawned by the rampant blasphemous sorcery of the Voori and its proximity to so many buried dead, the restless spirits here are ever-changing and always insidious.  The vomiting spirits of Voor are creatures of pure emotion, consisting of the ectoplasmic residue of decaying haunts and foul sorcery.  Physically they are generally man-sized and roughly humanoid.  Potential victims receive a +1 to surprise if they encounter these creatures since they are never silent, always sending forth wet gurgling noises from what passes for their throats.  They are solid, but viscous-looking, and they leave drippings of ectoplasm as they move.

In melee, vomiting spirits attack with what appear to be arms, but also resemble ectoplasmic tendrils that extend from their bodies, having the harmless side effect of covering the victim in foul-smelling slime.  There is a 3 in 6 chance every round that they will vomit forth ectoplasm at their target, which for game purposes can be considered to be a ranged attack that can be directed at a single combatant up to 10 feet away.  If hit by the spirit's vomit, the victim is immediately nauseated for 1d6 rounds, and must successfully save or be confused for 1d3 rounds, as the latent spiritual energy present in the ectoplasm erodes the personality of the target temporarily as he struggles with visions and voices that are not his own.

As beings made of ectoplasmic slime, they can change their physical shape to squeeze through openings or holes in walls, doors, etc.  It takes 1d4 rounds for the spirit to effectively change its shape to flow through a gap too small for it to normally get through.  They also take just half damage from blunt and piercing weapons due to their nature, and are completely immune to any spell or effect that affects the mind, such as charms, sleep-inducing spells, and any effect considered mind-affecting.  They can, however, be turned.

Quick Note:  My monsters will make use of my house rules.  Most often referred to will be Conditions, which I converted to S&W from Pathfinder, and put out Condition Cards for you in the blogosphere to have a look at (see link in the right bar).  Also, very few spells will match their standard counterparts in S&W as far as names go - for instance, curse of chaos and disorder is confusion.  I just like how it sounds better.  Plus, it makes use of conditions - so substitute in your own stuff if you feel like it.  All the artwork above is "found art" on the internet, so if it winds up being owned by you and you don't like it being here, just say so and I'll take it down.  These are pictures that inspired me, and they're used out of respect.  No infringement intended.


  1. Nice beastie. I may have to steal it.

    1. Steal away my friend, that's why it's here.

  2. Spooky and gross, a potent combination! Great monster.

    1. Thanks sir! That's what I was going after - just imagine that gross crap from Ghostbusters II sliming you, but it's way grosser since it's death muck!