Monday, October 29, 2012

Monstrous Monday: 3 New Monsters

In addition to the monsters I've posted throughout the month, I wanted to finish strong, so I've given you all three more monsters today.  However, I have many more ideas, and at least seven more write-ups.  Expect them to keep coming indefinitely for a while.

Chameleon-Men of the Jungles of Gath
Hit Dice: 2
Armor Class: 12
Attacks: `1 weapon (1d6 + weapon modifier) or psychic disorientation
Saving Throw: 16
Special: Psychic disorientation, hide in shadows (jungle only) 95%
Movement: 9
CL/XP: 3/60

The chameleon-men of the Jungles of Gath are savage and vicious men, appearing much as any human being, but with distinctive gray skin that, when in the midst of jungle foliage, mottles and blends into the background, much like an actual chameleon.

Chameleon-men have the ability to psychically disorient their foes. They can focus this ability on one target each round, and the victim must make a successful saving throw or be afflicted by a loss of balance, equilibrium, and direction (gaining the sickened condition for 1d4 rounds). A target may only be affected by this disorientation again if the effect has expired. Otherwise, chameleon-men may attempt to disorient a foe as many times as they wish if they are not successful.

Swarmonids of the Fell Pass
Hit Dice: 2
Armor Class: 12
Attacks: `1 swarm (2d4 + distraction)
Saving Throw: 16
Special: Distraction, ½ damage from slashing/piercing weapons, automatic damage, cannot be flanked
Movement: 9
CL/XP: 4/120

Lurking in the Fell Pass, the only easy way into and out of the City of Sages, Taltun, are the swarmonids. They are permitted to waylay those travelers as they see fit, so long as they do not attack those in the employ of the Sages, or those on official business to the city. Anyone not flying a banner of the city is at risk when traveling through the pass.

The swarmonids are small, 2 ½ to 3 feet tall at most, and they attack in rabid swarms – sometimes with bare hands, sometimes with tiny weapons. They are treated as a swarm in every case, as they are never encountered in groups of less than twenty. They resemble small green men with black hair and pointed ears.

A swarm must move into an opponent's space to attack them, but it deals automatic damage without need for an attack roll. When a swarm damages an opponent, they are distracted unless they make a successful saving throw. If the save is failed, a character is considered nauseated and suffers a -1 to all attacks, damage, saving throws, and ability checks for 1 round from the distraction. A swarm cannot be flanked or backstabbed, and it suffers only half damage from slashing and piercing weapons.

Hit Dice: 8+8
Armor Class: 18
Attacks: `1 weapon (1d10 + weapon modifier) or spell
Saving Throw: 3
Special: Spells, psychic abilities, speak any language, magic resistance 80%
Movement: 12
CL/XP: 15/2900

Unbeknownst to the outside world, a small number of the Voor race still exist, deep within their Necropolis. They are traffickers with dark powers, some which even dwell with them in their foul mountain, and from them they find instruction in forgotten and horrible sciences. They have quietly hoarded their power, waiting for a proper time to announce themselves to the broader world. Their only intent by doing so is to reconquer the lands they once held, and subjugate all who dwell in them.

They are now something both less and more than human. Evil through and through, corrupted by centuries of dealing in dark knowledge and by pacts with demons called down from the Outer Dark (and dimensions even more distressing), they resemble humans, but twisted and deformed in various ways. They typically garb themselves in dark but regal fashion, and hide their faces well, as most Voori are hideous to behold.

Recently they've begun to communicate with the Negalu-men who dwell on the Green Moon, and are attemption to discover the secret of travel between the worlds. They intend to ally with them and bring the warlike half-human race to the world of Antediluvia, to conquer. In turn, they have been trading their secrets to the Negalu-men, giving them power they have not often held in their grasp before.

Voor-men are talented mentalists by nature, and have abilities as a 7th-level psychic. They also cast spells as a 10th-level wizard, with a heavy emphasis on spells that control and debilitate. They can speak any language fluently, and whether this is simply from centuries of study (as they are essentially immortal) or from sorcery no one knows.

Just to get the names out of the creatures I plan on putting up here for you, here is a teaser (these are just the ones I have in draft form already):
Spiders of Despair
Nephiggian Flesh-Ghouls
Bird-People of the Floating Island
Watchers of the Pit
Tunnel Vultures of the Obsidian Throne
Voorian Minddemons
Quick Note:  My monsters will make use of my house rules.  Most often referred to will be Conditions, which I converted to S&W from Pathfinder, and put out Condition Cards for you in the blogosphere to have a look at (see link in the right bar).  Also, very few spells will match their standard counterparts in S&W as far as names go - for instance, curse of chaos and disorder is confusion.  I just like how it sounds better.  Plus, it makes use of conditions - so substitute in your own stuff if you feel like it.  All the artwork above is "found art" on the internet, so if it winds up being owned by you and you don't like it being here, just say so and I'll take it down.  These are pictures that inspired me, and they're used out of respect.  No infringement intended.


  1. Yike-ems! Missed all those earlier creatures. You have some wild imagination and you've come up with some great names. You've gone above and beyond the call of fiendishness.

    A Faraway View

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I've just been immersed in Golden Age fantasy/sci-fi lately, and this is what's come of it. I'm building an entire campaign from the ideas I get while reading, and it's been pretty OK so far.

  2. Very nice additions!

    You have been on a roll all month!

    Thanks so much for you participation in my little bloghop.

    1. They're gonna keep coming too! Plus, with the links post, I added the old ones I created to the mix. Expect more monsters next week. I'm going to keep going as long as I have ideas.

  3. I really do love the old school feel of these guys. Excellent additions to a classic fantasy game.